Organizations and individuals involved in the abnorma

will be publicized on the CNIPA website and China Intellectual Property News, a Beijing-base d newspaper, and face other punishments administered by related authorities, according to the draft. They will also be blacklisted and exposed via a national credibility information sharing system. Trademarks achieved by this means will be declared void, the draft says. “The[…]

Employment, private kindergartens and small business taxes

Several ministry-level departments, including those for human resources and social security, civil affairs, and finance, have responded recently to issues of public concern. Employment survey to help job seekers The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Securit y has launched an online survey in an effort to improve services to job seekers. In a notice[…]

The Ministry of Education said on Feb 2 that it will contin

ue to boost support for private kindergartens and encourage them to provide inclusive services. The ministry said media reports that the country will no longer allow the development of private kindergartens were misleading, and it will continue to encourage investment in kindergartens. As of 2017, about 63 percent of kindergartens nationwide were run by private[…]

Zhang Yansheng, a senior CCIEE researcher, said the two

countries can properly handle trade conflicts and foster cooperation despite some hea The beautiful scenery of Honghu Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden after rain, Central China’s Hubei province, Aug 13, dwinds, adding that cooperation is the best and only choice for the two sides. Xue Rongjiu, deputy director of the Beijing-based China Society for WTO Studies, stressed[…]